5 Reasons why your Business Needs a Video

When my children are bored, they often ask to use my computer to look through our ever-increasing iPhoto folder. It didn't surprise me to find them bypassing the photos and heading straight for the many videos we've taken of them since birth.

So what is it about video that is so compelling? Whilst a good image can tell a story, video adds a completely new dimension and if made well, can make persuasive viewing.

1. Branding

By carefully selecting some of the many techniques and styles available: music, sound effects, graphics, animation, stills, text, interviews, actuality filming, drama and so on, video allows you to shape your brand in a way pure text or photos simply can't.

2.Videos save your customer work.

A good promotional video is like an executive summary. All the work has been done for you. No need to read through the detail, instead all essential information has already been pulled out and presented in an engaging and succinct format.

3.Customers can see who they are dealing with.

We buy from people we trust. Videos can give an insight into the personalities behind the business. If you're passionate about your business then a good video will make sure your customers get a real sense of your passion.

4.To encourage your customers to engage.

My favourite videos are those that have the ability to stimulate my senses and provoke an emotional response. Don't get me wrong, good text and images are great for getting your message across but video has the additional ability of getting to those hard to reach places!

5. Show and tell

Customers can see your product or service in action, which not only teaches them how to use it, but also will ease any concerns or fears they may have. 

So now I've wised up to my children's complaints of boredom and instead of handing over my mouse, I hand them a camera, and encourage them to make their own videos.The result is hours of fun, endless clips with which to embarrass them at their weddings and who knows a Spielberg or 2 in the making!

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Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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